1031 Exchange

The 1031 Exchange is quite possibly the most powerful investment tool available to property owners. By selling appreciated business or investment property outright you could pay from 15% to 50% in tax on the sale. A 1031 Exchange allows you to defer the tax and increase your purchasing power by keeping your equity intact.

Title Financial Exchange Services, as a Qualified Intermediary, facilitates the entire process for you. We will assist you in meeting the requirements of Section 1031 to structure an exchange tailored to your specific situation. Our extensive experience, financial security, and personalized service will provide you with a seamless 1031 Exchange transaction.

Long Term Escrow

A Long Term Escrow is an arrangement in which an unbiased third party holds legal documents, and accepts and distributes payments according to written instructions from the Buyer and Seller.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure

When a Borrower is in default, the Lender or individual beneficiary can contact Title Financial Specialty Services to initiate the foreclosure process. We will obtain a Trustee’s Sale Guarantee from a Title Agent in the county where the property secured by the Deed of Trust or Trust Indenture is located. The Trustee’s Sale Guarantee will provide the information needed to facilitate the foreclosure action. We will prepare the necessary documents, coordinate the statutory mailing, posting and publication, and complete foreclosure sale. Assurance will be given as to the compliance with the strict timelines provided for in the applicable act.

Once the process is complete, documentation has been recorded and all interested parties have received notice, a Trustee’s Deed will be issued to the Buyer at the foreclosure sale. Once recorded in the county records, the Trustee’s Deed conveys to the Buyer all of the interest which the Grantor (Borrower) had, together with any interest the Grantor or his successors in interest acquired after the execution of such Deed of Trust or Trust Indenture.

Centralized Reconveyance & Mortgage Release Services

We work with you to streamline your operation by:

• Being a single point of contact for all of your reconveyance and mortgage release needs
• Creating a customized process that is specifically tailored to your business
• Generating a variety of personalized reports upon request
• Offering a complimentary tracking service to ensure final recordation